By Maysoun Ramadan

Because every city is alive...

A City Witnessed: Unveiling the Soul of Cities
A city is more than just a geographical location; it’s a living entity with a beating heart, a personality, and a unique vibe that leaves its mark on the lives of its residents. “A City Witnessed” is a  podcast series that delves into the captivating stories that cities have to tell.

"You can meet, feel, and get to know a city by listening to what it witnessed"

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Maysoun Ramadan

Producer & Host

“My idea of this podcast started with the desire to highlight that in any inspirational story, not only the person, people, but the city plays an important role. Rightfully we can say, a city is much more than a place. A City can be seen, felt, and explored if you learn about the stories which it has witnessed.”

Ahmad Twassi

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Saskia Stengele

Audio & Voiceover Specialist


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